Just slowly starts stripping. Try not to alert Makoto because he always kills my buzz.

Selfie. #whatdoiputforthese? #isn’tthisthesymbolforaphonenumber?

NOT HERE RIGHT NOW might be on later, I wanna edit some cosplay stuff, might get around to it tonight or tomorrow idk OK BYE

Brown eyed, blue tied Haru doesn’t know how to take a selfie, instead he accidentally records himself like the DUMMY HE IS.

I drew Wonder Woman at some point, and I like how she came out! I just imagine her with these massive arms and thick thighs, that she can crush and break people and their wills with.

Kinda like how I drew me here, I’m not usually good with side profiles pffff.

Hello, "Leo" :D (I will bug you till the end of time) -Ulti

Sorry for crappy drawing, but I don’t have my tablet right nowww. :-( Hello! I don’t mind people talking to me, but I would rather the talking be off anon, or in some other form like fanmail, since this isn’t an ask blog, this is my art blog. ^^

Just going to post this here though, so that people can see for the future!


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I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM. Also I am not as tall as Leo, why did I.

Anyways, this is my. -internally screams- My headcanon of. -bites knuckle- Of the guy? From the. The. -eats self and slithers away- The Interrogation Chamber audio thing of the torture stuff with the cheese grater and the “oh, nice knives!” and I’m trash GOODBYE. -flees into the sun-

PS: I haven’t drawn in like two weeks, I’m sorry for dropping off the face of the earth. ;;;

hello sweetie ?? how r u? u3u ((also ur sayaka's almost done omg sorry for how long this is taking ; i'm a rlly bad procrastinator;;;;;;;;))

Hello hi!! ^^ I’m doing great, sorry I haven’t been on anywhere, just been really busy lately!! Fall’s usually pretty busy for me and family and I have been spending a lot of time together, and by the end of the day I just get tired. ;w; (Thats ok! Take your time!! 💙)

[[EDIT]]: I don’t have my tablet, so I drew with my mouse just now, and it is horrific.